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Write with Confidence, from the Classroom to the Boardroom. 

Do you want to ace your essay, wow your readers, or impress your clients? You’ve come to the right place!

If you have a research or writing project in any field, we can help! 

The Pocket-Sized Professor offers assistance at all stages of the writing process, from brainstorming to finishing touches.


Are you in the process of fact-finding, fact-checking, working on a literature review, or doing book research?

Do citations make you shudder? Look no further—we can help!

From designing a study to interpreting the results, the Pocket-Sized Professor will be your guide!


Does grammar make you groan? Punctuation give you pause? Let us be your second set of eyes!

Whether your draft needs a complete renovation or just some cosmetic work, we're in it for the long (over)haul.


Are you stuck on a project or looking for ways to boost your team's skills?

Do you need a virtual guest presenter for your class or fresh copy for your website?

Whether you are an author, student, business, or organization, we've got you covered! Click below to learn more about ways you can work with us!

Meet the Professor

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Elle Teshima is the owner of the Pocket-Sized Professor. She has worked in both academia and the private sector as an educator, consultant, and business administrator, and she is dedicated to helping each client write confidently. Fueled by a lifelong passion for writing and the English language, an insatiable thirst for knowledge, and an unparalleled drive for excellence, Elle is eager to put her skills and experience to work for you. 

For top-notch writing, a simple spell check just won’t do–use Elle-Check instead! In your office, classroom, or on the go, the Pocket-Sized Professor is at your service!

You can read more about Elle’s experience and credentials here.

Elle is a lifesaver! [S]he is the expert for academic writing. She is very patient too when I asked for a [sic] guidance. I would hire her again next time for the future project.​
Lily P.
Editing Client
Elle is very efficient at the projects I've given her. She produces work product on time and with a professionalism that I've come to expect.
Christopher L.
Proofreading client
I have worked with Elle repeatedly. The quality of her work never disappoints. I will hire her every time!​
Rhonda J.
editing client
Elle made statistics seem simple and effortless! Elle was a delight to work with; she keeps to the deadline and communicates every step of the way. Highly recommended!!​
Meg F.
research assistance client
Elle does terrific worth [sic] in all projects she completes! She owns the final product and gives input and is constantly communicating about her progress. She works at a very high level and garners trust quickly. There is not much of a learning curve with Elle because she is able to anticipate the needs of the project.
Drew S.
Research Assistance Client

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