Frequently Asked Questions

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I have never hired an editor before. What should I know/expect?

Many people have the misconception that editors are the “grammar police,” out to slay typewritten dragons with our trigger-happy red pens. While we will valiantly protect you from run-on sentences and work tirelessly to capture fugitive commas, we are not looking to scold people for making mistakes. Our mission is to “correct and serve.”

We are also not in the business of hijacking your prose. We don’t want to rewrite your work into an unrecognizable piece of content. Rather, we refine your writing to ensure clarity, consistency, and conventional grammar and mechanics while closely guarding your content to retain your personal voice and style. In fact, you are never required to accept our corrections or suggestions if you disagree. That’s your creative license as the author!

At the Pocket-Sized Professor, our ultimate goal is to make your life easier, whether you are seeking our services for work, school, or personal projects. Many of our clients feel that we act as a “safety net,” allowing them to write without a fear of failure or judgment. We provide the comfort of knowing errors will be corrected before the content reaches an audience, and we provide many different types of editing depending on what you need—it’s more than just catching typos.

I have an essay due soon. Can you write my course assignment for me?

PSP maintains a high standard of academic integrity, and that means we honor all school and university codes of conduct and academic honesty policies when working with students. While we will provide you with all the support, tools, resources, and editorial review you need to make your assignments shine, we cannot ghost write for course credit. 

I can’t find the prices on your website. How much do you charge?

We are a client-centered company, and we don’t list our prices online because each set of work we take on is unique. We don’t like to limit possibilities with fixed price points.

Do you need a web presentation for a team meeting and proofreading for your new website? That’s an option! Need multiple rounds of editing for a thesis or dissertation? You got it! Are you working on projects for your job and your classes? We can help with both! Do you need an essay coach for the whole semester? Just one paper? We’ve got your back!

We understand that many agencies provide X hours or pages of X service for X dollars, but not channeling people into predetermined price categories allows us the flexibility to meet your unique needs with customized service bundles. Plus, we get to meet lots of cool people when we chat about their projects to provide quotes!

Speaking of quotes, how do I request one?

Online quote requests are coming soon! For now, please e-mail us at to tell us more about your project.

What types of payment do you take?

We can accept electronic bank transfers, Paypal, and all major credit cards online. Just click the link in your e-mailed invoice to enter your information securely! Local clients may also pay by cash or check.

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