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Research and Fact-finding

Are you in the process of fact-finding, fact-checking, working on a literature review, or doing book research? Look no further—we can help! From designing a study to interpreting the results, the Pocket-Sized Professor will be your guide!

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Editing and Proofreading

Does grammar make you groan? Punctuation give you pause? Let us be your second set of eyes! Whether your draft needs a complete renovation or just some cosmetic work, we're in it for the long (over)haul.

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Writing Instruction and Consultation Services

Are you stuck on a project or looking for ways to boost your team's skills? Do you need a virtual guest presenter for your class or fresh copy for your website? Whether you are an author, student, business, or organization, we've got you covered!

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Do you have finicky footnotes? Are you dreading your headers? From margins to minutiae, the Pocket-Sized Professor can help prepare your document according to your industry’s publication standards.

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