Lessons, Consultations, and Presentations

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Do you need expert advice, or are you ready to hone your skills? Schedule a session with the Pocket-Sized Professor for individualized guidance today!

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One-on-One Lessons

Individual tutoring on research or writing topics is available by appointment. Whether you need help outlining your very first writing assignment or beating writer’s block on the way to your next bestseller, or if you are somewhere in between, one-on-one time with the Pocket-Sized Professor will help you achieve success!

Individual Consultation

Do you have a partial draft that needs a push? Not sure where to go next in your research? The Pocket-Sized Professor can be your sounding board! Schedule an interactive meeting to collaborate on a work in progress.

Web Presentations

The Pocket-Sized Professor offers customized virtual presentations to a class, team, or other group on one or more research or writing topics. Web presentations can be live or prerecorded. Use the contact us link to request a quote.

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